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After School Programs   


Kung Fu Classes 

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts that means "Hard Work". The actual name for martial arts in Chinese is Washington, there are several different martial arts in Kung Fu that have developed over the centuries in China. Styles like Hung Gar a Southern Style of Kung Fu. Or Styles like Wing Chun the style that Bruce Lee started with before he came up with is own style call Jeet Kune Do which is know known as the 1st MMA Style of martial arts.


For CCLU Sifu Jose Knight teaches the kids in the program a Northern style of Kung Fu called Tien Shan Pai. Tien Shan Pai provides correct body alignment, agility and strength. It helps with flexibility, endurance and coordination while learning the fundamentals of a traditional and powerful martial art. They have learned the10 basic stretching exercises, stances, punches and kicks in an intense but fun workout. They have learned self defense, gain confidence and have become more energetic.

Jose Knight

Red Cloud Kung Fu 



Aerobic classes   

Ready for Life Aerobics Program

   The Ready for Life Aerobics exercise program is tailored specifically to your needs and a fun and great way to stay physically, emotionally and mentally fit.

   We utilize Personal Action Plans to help you develop healthy habits to improve your blood circulation, conditioning of the heart and lungs, increased muscular strength, emotional endurance and your overall physical fitness with a touch of Latin Flare!

   Here are the 5 Ready for Life Aerobic Principles for exercising Mind, Body and Soul for Healthy living:

1 -   Mental Health Exercise = Mindfulness Techniques

2 -   Water Drinking Exercise = Water Wash Challenge

3 -   Movement Activity = Aerobic Movement Exercise

4 -   Workout Sessions = Strength Building Exercise

5 -   Social Emotional Learning = Character Development Exercise

Come one, come all, big or small - we do not judge, just nudge a little to inspire and encourage you to life a healthy lifestyle!

Ready for Life Coach

Franco Rosado      

Yoga Classes   

Yoga is a practice that focuses on the relationship between breathing, moving, feeling....”mind, body, spirit “.

So we’re training ourselves to always have our attention on the whole self. And when you do this regularly it helps you relax, breathe more deeply, be more compassionate, speak your truth more clearly and be grateful for every moment of the gift of your life.

Some things are difficult to describe until you try and find out for yourself! Hope to see you soon for ZOOM YOGA!

Fran Wieckowski


Learn to Draw    

Art allows people to find new pathways for their imagination making it an essential part of our human experience.  Drawing and watercolor painting in particular let practitioners practice focus, observation, and patience.  Through these drawing courses, students will challenge self-limiting beliefs as they see the growth that can come from practice and consistency.

Through watercolor, students will explore color through the water medium.

The workshop techniques will focus on exploration and discovery to create a safe space where students can value their progress.             

Daniel Egusquiza

Barrio Alegria



Learn to Speak English        


Internet Café               

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