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Who we are:

Board Members 2021



Rita Paez    Executive Director  Directora Ejecutiva 
Edie Shean-Hammond  President Presidenta
Lawrence CohenVice President –Vice Presidenta



Don Andes   –Treasurer - Tesorero

Della Hick–Secretary – Secretaria                

Andrew Kline  –Chair Finance Committee

Lawrence Cohen   –Liaison to the Advisory Committee

Marcia Longeway   –Event Organizing

Vernor Ross   –Community Outreach

Cathy Moore   –Chair Governance Committee




Carmen Cruz Feldman
Giovanna Steyaert

Jose Knight

Della Hick

Alesia Snyder                                                                           

Franco Rosado

Evelyn Dudones

Our support comes from many individuals and partners including The National Park Service, local banks and foundations including the Wellness Foundation, the Latino community, and several local churches and Business'. All are welcome.

Most Important Person -       is YOU!

Please join us to improve the lives of Latinos and all Americans in the tri-County area by contacting CCLU .

We need and welcome your taxable deductible donations.

Rita Paez
CCLU Executive Director & Founder
(610) 705-0566
Centro Cultural Latinos Unidos, Inc.
The only Pottstown-based grassroots organization addressing the needs of Latinos children youth and parents.
(610) 705-0566